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Buyer-first Digital Sales Platform

Give your customers a seamless buying experience and drive revenue for your business online.

Sell products

Let customers place orders online and configure your products to create exactly what they want. Set up custom pricing and discounts for your biggest customers, automate your quote process, and manage your inventory with HeadQ. 

Sell services

Leave old-school selling and phone-based order taking behind. Let customers configure the services they want, and buy directly or request a quote. Send orders straight to your ERP and employees’ calendars for a smooth process without the calendar tetris.  

Sell subscriptions

Design the services you want to sell, set up the payment method, and let your customers buy online. You can bundle subscriptions with products or services—the options are endless with a headless set-up.

Everything you need to sell online 

HeadQ makes sales easy. Sell whatever you want and manage every step of the process from an all-in-one platform. 

Works on your existing website

No need to set up and manage a new site. HeadQ takes just five minutes to implement on your existing website and it integrates with any CMS so you can start getting online sales faster. 


Product configurator

Let your customers configure products and services how they want, when they want. Get quote requests or direct orders straight from your website. No more back-and-forth calls and emails with customers for days. 

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Custom pricing and discounts

Unlike B2C, not all B2B customers have the same prices. With HeadQ, you can create custom prices for different customer groups and individual customers to give them the VIP treatment they deserve.  

Headless commerce

The headless commerce approach powers even your most complex use cases. It separates your back-end infrastructure from your front-end customer touchpoints, making it easy to turn any site or app into a store. 

Secure payments

Rest assured your customers can pay safely with HeadQ. The platform integrates to payment gateways like Stripe for a seamless check-out experience. 

B2B2C selling

There’s not always a clear distinction between B2B and B2C sales. With HeadQ, selling your products to companies and consumers through one channel has never been easier.

We’re launching soon – Join waiting list and get early access! 

We’re currently in private beta and working closely with a few selected customers. If you’d like to see what we’re cooking up, email or join waiting list.

“HeadQ made it easy for us to start selling online. Now we can sell our cash registers and POS software on a single platform. We’re planning to implement this to our reseller channel as well. The best part, all this in no time.”
– Jari Ahola, Mando

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