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Modern go-to-market is broken

In a world where buyers have all the power and consumers expect anything can be bought online, B2B commercial teams will need to change the way they sell to match how buyers buy; directly through your website.

Shift happens

In the future, people will expect anything can be bought online. Even B2B.

And it was internet companies who made us realise this shift.

First, Amazon taught us to buy products online. Then Tesla showed we can buy customised cars online. And GE even sells complex medical equipment through their website.

 Now B2B buyers will expect that any product or service can be bought online. And when B2B customers expect anything can be bought online, then…

All sales become digital

All businesses become ecommerce

All websites become sales channels

There will be winners & losers

But modern go-to-market is broken; the way our commercial teams have been taught to operate is perfectly suited for a world that no longer exists.

We’ve never had access to so many tools and technologies but B2B commercial teams have over-rotated and built customer journeys that put themselves first, not the customer.

The companies that fail to change the way they sell will be left behind. Those that make the move to the new way will reap the benefits of this shift in buying behaviour.

Businesses need to move into the new era if they’re going to compete and win.


the easiest way to turn your website into a digital sales channel!

At HeadQ, we’re democratising digital sales and liberating marketing and sales teams.

We’re making it easier for businesses to sell to both new and existing customers. This is manifested in our mission, which is creating a world where everybody can sell online. Even B2B.

But the problem is that the current stack of ecommerce tools weren’t built for complex CPQ. They were built for commoditised products.

And this is exactly why we built HeadQ.

We’re redefining digital sales and powering the next generation of digital sales solutions in 3 simple steps. Here’s how:

1. Product configurator

Let your customers configure products and services how they want, when they want. Get quote requests or direct orders straight from your website. No more back-and-forth calls and emails with customers for days.


2. Customized B2B checkout

Turn your website into a direct sales channel and let your customers buy directly from your site. With our ecommerce tools built for B2B businesses, you can create a seamless buying experience for your new and existing customers.

3. Quoting tools

Say goodbye to phone orders and spreadsheets. Speed up the quoting process and start getting orders and RFQs in through your website so your sales reps can close more deals faster and more accurately — you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

We’re launching soon – Join the waitlist and get early access! 

We’re currently in private beta and working closely with a few selected customers. If you’d like to see what we’re cooking up, email or join waiting list.

“HeadQ made it easy for us to start selling online. Now we can sell our cash registers and POS software on a single platform. We’re planning to implement this to our reseller channel as well. The best part, all this in no time.”
– Jari Ahola, Mando

Ready for the new world of sales?