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Sell more online with less effort

Turn your website into a powerful sales channel without a big costly IT project. All with one easy-to-use platform tailored to how you sell. 

Grow your business online

Say goodbye to phone orders and Excel spreadsheets, and make it easy for customers to buy from you online. Start getting orders and RFQs in through your existing website—you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Automate quotes to close deals faster

 Your customers shouldn’t have to book a meeting to find out pricing. If you don’t want to show pricing n your website, let customers add products to their quote list, then automate your quoting process with HeadQ’s AutoQuote. 

Boost sales with self-service

Your customers want to self-serve whenever, wherever they want. Let them shop and place orders online, and save time managing routine orders. 

Make complex selling easier

Selling B2B products isn’t quite as simple as selling consumer products like Tshirts. But don’t worry—we’ve got your back. Let customers configure the products and services they want, then either buy directly or send you a quote request. 

Sell the way you want 

Most B2C ecommerce platforms don’t meet your B2B needs. And the enterprise ecommerce platforms cost way too much to set up and maintain. You need an easy-to-use platform to start selling online faster. HeadQ lets you sell even your highly configurable products and services on your website, while making buying seamless for your customers. 

Manage everything from one place

B2B digital sales is more than just listing products and accepting orders. You need to manage everything from sales quotes to commerce operations. HeadQ lets you create custom pricing and discounts for specific customers, automate the quote process, manage your inventory, and more—all on one easy-to-use platform (no tech skills needed). 

Start selling online in minutes, not months.

Ecommece has been out of reach for smaller B2B companies because of inflexible technology, big project costs, and complex systems. But not anymore. Start selling online with HeadQ—set-up takes just five minutes. 

"We went from trying three different platforms to finally finding a proper tool that solves our needs."

– Erkki Perämerkki

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