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HeadQ Product Pricing Configurator Software

Save time letting your customers get the pricing information on their own terms. Build the configurator easily and publish it on any website!

Let your customers calculate the price for your solution

We know first-hand how much a great configurator can build a transparency and trust between you and your customers. 

Configure multiple products at once

You can let your customers configure multiple products at once, all in the same view!

Easy to use, works on every CMS

Building configurator is easy and publishing it on your website is a just a matter of a few clicks.

Self-service buying ✓

Our configurator is built with check-out feature that let’s your customers buy directly from you. Or if you want, you can let customers build a package and request the price.

Easy to build, easier to maintain

Say goodbye to custom built price configurators that take a developer to build and another one to maintain whenever you need to change pricing model. Say hi to HeadQ price configurator 👋 

Want to generate RFQs instead of orders?

We get it, sometimes you might want to let your customers self-configure the right package, but want to make sure the price gets individually calculated by the sales rep. With our Quotation feature that is easier than ever.

Selling online doesn’t
have to be so hard

HeadQ is the digital sales platform built for self-serve era. Price configurator is part of suite of digital sales tools that make your sales more efficient and delights your customers with self-service features.

"We got first orders in within hours. The value was proofed immediately"

– Sanna Kärsämänoja, Täsmä Työterveys

🤫 Here’s a secret! You can get started before everybody else