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Create, send and close quotes
in less time

Create and send sales quotes in no time. Receive structured request for quotes (RFQ) through configurator. Accept payments, e-signature and self-serve checkout.  


 Make getting YES faster

Your customers want speed, they don’t want to wait ages to get the quote. Spend more time selling, less time trying to figure out quoting

Get RFQs in through Quote cart & RFQ tool

Let your customers request a quote for several products in volume easily. Automate the quoting based on your business logic.

Quotes + Payments = WIN

Let your customers checkout using HeadQ platform. Accept payments in a minutes.

Works like charm with configurable products

Build consistent, professional quotes without any effort, even if your products are configurable.

Quote recurring services easily

Retainer services like accounting can be easily quoted through our platform. Just select the desired frequency and accept credit card payments without breaking a sweat!

Upsell more with Optional products and Product alternatives

Add optional products to grow the deal size. Give customers more decision power by adding alternative product to a line item. 

Selling online doesn’t
have to be so hard

HeadQ is the digital sales platform built for self-serve era. Quote software is part of suite of digital sales tools that make your sales more efficient and delights your customers with self-service features.

"We got first orders in within hours. The value was proofed immediately"

– Sanna Kärsämänoja, Täsmä Työterveys

🤫 Here’s a secret! You can get started before everybody else